Frontiers in Biomedical Technologies 2016. 3(1-2):20-27.

Experimental Measurement of Magnetization of a Rectangular Bar-shaped Permanent Magnet Utilizing MFMIM
Mostafa Kabir, Hamidreza Mashayekhi, Sajjad Aftabi, Hamidreza Khodajou-Chokami


In this investigation, after designing an experimental setup, the magnetization parameter of a rectangular bar-shaped permanent magnet has been determined by Magnetic Field Magnitude and Intensity Meter device. For achieving this purpose, after finding the geometrical center of mass of the magnet, by moving Hall-effect sensor in 5mm steps, magnetic flux intensity has been measured by our recently patented device.The accuracy of the experimental values in comparison with available commercial grade and analytical equations demonstrated have confirmed. Our device’s results accuracy has also been approved by benchmarking all results. Following, the magnetization parameter has been extracted using the numerical technique.Results showed very exactly benchmarking and proved the use of this device in measuring the magnetic field in MRI devices. This study will be directed to simulate several subjects like calculating the induced electromotive force (emf).


MFMIM, Magnetization, Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) ,Experimental measurement, Permanent Magnet

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