The Role of Low Energy Electrons in Radiobiology and Cancer Treatment


Low energy radiation can be produced by all types of high energy radiation. Studies of low energy particle radiation help us to understand the chemistry induced by high energy radiations. Low energy electrons are capable of chemical selectivity in contrast to high energy electrons due to the large number of open dissociative channels in the former case and their resonant nature. Among different types of radiation, low energy electrons have a higher cross-section to DNA damage and they have an important role in the synergistic effect between radiation and chemotherapy anticancer agents in cancer treatment. Analysis of these combined records helps assign function of cells, identify metabolic and regulatory pathways and suggest targets for diagnostics and therapeutics identify animal models to develop new drugs, among other goals of biomedical interest.

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DOI https://doi.org/10.18502/fbt.v7i4.5317
Cancer Cross Section DNA Damage Low Energy Electrons

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