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Common and Uncommon Imaging Appearances of COVID-19 Pneumonia in Young and Middle-Aged Group and Elderly Group


Purpose: In this study, we retrospectively evaluated chest Computed Tomography (CT) imaging manifestations of the patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) to simplify prompt early diagnosis of disease and speed up needed actions for infected patients.

Materials and Methods: Totally, 75 patients who laboratory confirmed COVID-19 pneumonia were enrolled in this study. CT images, demographic and some clinical data of all patients were collected and analyzed retrospectively. Furthermore, for comparison, the patients were divided into two groups as follows: the young and middle-aged group (< 60 years old) and the elderly group (≥ 60 years old).

Results: Based on the evaluation of CT images, 33 patients (44%) showed Ground-Glass Opacity (GGO), 15 patients (20%) showed consolidation, 24 patients (32%) showed mixed GGO and consolidation, 2 patients (2.6%) had bronchial wall thickening, 10 patients (13.3%) had a crazy paving sign, 35 patients (46.6%) had air bronchogram and, 7 patients (9.3%) had cavitation and 2 patients (2.6%) had a tree in the bud. CT images of 3 patients (4%) were normal. In terms of out of lung changes, lymphadenopathy was observed in one patient (1.3%), pleural effusion in 12 patients (16%), and pericardial effusion in 2 patients (2.6%). Lesions were found predominantly in the peripheral (57.3%) and the lower lung region (60%).

Conclusion: CT images of the COVID-19 patients showed various aspects, mainly GGO, consolidation, mixed GGO and consolidation, and air bronchogram. Lesion distribution was predominantly in lower lung region, bilateral and peripheral. Pleural effusion and multiple lobe involvement were significantly higher in the elderly group than that of the young and middle-aged group.

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Chest Computed Tomography Coronavirus Disease 2019 Imaging Manifestation

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