Frontiers in Biomedical Technologies

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The Journal of "Frontiers in Biomedical Technologies" is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal. It is a me­dium for researchers, engineers, scientists and other professionals in biomedical technologies to record pub­lish and share ideas and research findings that serve to enhance the understanding of medical imaging methods and systems, Nano imaging and nanotechnology, surgi­cal navigation, medical robotics, biomechanical and bioelectrical systems, stem cell technology, etc.

Vol 3, No 1-2 (2016)

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Original Article(s)

A Feasibility Study on Quantifying Cortical Bone Free Water Longitudinal Relaxation Time Employing Short-TE MRI Technique at 3T PDF XML
Atena Akbari, Shahrokh Abbasi-Rad, Amirali Kazeminejad, Hamidreza Saligheh Rad Pages: 1-7
An Investigation into the Performance of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for Brain Tumor Delineation Using ExpectationMaximization Cluster Method; a Feasibility Study PDF XML
Leila Ghorbanzadeh, Ahmad Esmaili Torshabi Pages: 8-19
Experimental Measurement of Magnetization of a Rectangular Bar-shaped Permanent Magnet Utilizing MFMIM PDF XML
Mostafa Kabir, Hamidreza Mashayekhi, Sajjad Aftabi, Hamidreza Khodajou-Chokami Pages: 20-27
Detecting ADHD Children using the Attention Continuity as Nonlinear Feature of EEG PDF XML
Armin Allahverdy, Alireza Khorrami Moghadam, Mohammad Reza Mohammadi, Ali Motie Nasrabadi Pages: 28-33
Diffusion Phantom Assessment in 3 Tesla MRI Scanner PDF XML
Sadegh Shurche, Nader Riahialam Pages: 34-40