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Vol 10 No Supple1 (2023): TPCF 2023


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    Preclinical imaging is the visualization of living animals for research purposes, such as drug development. Imaging modalities have long been crucial to the researcher in observing changes, either at the organ, tissue, cell, or molecular level, in animals responding to physiological or environmental changes.  In vivo imaging modalities that are non-invasive have become especially important to study animal models longitudinally. Broadly speaking, these imaging systems can be categorized into primarily morphological/anatomical and primarily molecular imaging techniques. Techniques such as high-frequency micro-ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) are usually used for anatomical imaging, while optical imaging (fluorescence and bioluminescence), positron emission tomography (PET), and single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) are usually used for molecular visualizations. These technologies require advanced engineering and scientific skills in order to develop, use and optimize them.

    As a leading institute for the convergence of science and technology in the field of preclinical imaging, TPCF organizes annual symposiums. Despite the difficult time we are experiencing due to the pandemic, Preclinical researches continues to grow in many areas. The 6th International TPCF preclinical imaging symposium is a key scientific and networking event yielding new partnerships that accelerate preclinical research and translation across all therapeutic areas. Preclinical imaging symposium (TPCF) is an annual event that focuses on newest trends and frontline technologies in drug discovery and translational research. In the TPIS 2022 we had 15 keynote speeches by brilliant scientists. These talks cover various aspects of preclinical imaging.

    We are pleased that Frontiers in Biomedical Technology (FBT) is publishing these abstracts in their journal. We at TPCF are also inviting the readers of FBT to attend our 6th annual TPIS (for more information visit our website on:

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